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Plastek UK Ltd

World Class Packaging Supplier


Plastek can offer its customers the valuable head start which is gained when dealing with a genuinely global supplier. We offer the flexibility and the corporate will to meet the needs of international consumer brands, and have even moved entire production cells from one continent to another in order to accommodate the needs of our customers. We use the latest in moulding technology including ultra thin wall and 2 shot moulding, and keep up to speed with all new moulding innovations.

Plastek UK Ltd (Europe)’s facility is a highly advanced, purpose built plant, entirely geared to the needs of high volume users and has many unique features.

Raw material control is maximised by using the latest automation technology in the form of a silo fed centralised raw material vacuum delivery system, with state of the art controlled rotary valve. The tangible benefits of this are material traceability, improved housekeeping and simplified logistics.

Our automated bar-coded controlled systems ensure the accurate transfer of products and the on time delivery of components to agreed standards.

Our moulding machines incorporate full closed loop machine control and on-board real time tolerance monitoring, ensuring consistent product quality and optimum functional and aesthetic performance.

Plastek UK now boasts a state of the art class 7 clean room for Infant Nutrition products within a purpose built, 860m3 factory floor extension.